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About FurbySD

What is Fur by SD?

Our story, started by our parents, began in 1999.  The brand letters Fur By SD carry the founder’s – Stanislava Dainienė, and today’s business heir’s Simona Dainė names. The family men have always been close helping in everything. Today, we continue running the business we have inherited and appreciate the experience and the knowledge instilled by our parents.

Thus, drawing on the old family tradition, the pelts used for garment making all come from our certified chinchilla farm. We all feel huge responsibilities to secure our animals welfare in accordance with the highest standards regulated and used, also cautiously following the regulation in terms of environmental sustainability.

The next phase of our business comprises the creative work, design and tailoring. Simona’s creative soul and youth generates switched-on ideas  inspired by visiting numerous world famous exhibitions and travelling. This is the way our finest collections are born: the softest vests, coats and unique, handmade accessories designed for exceptionally stylish women who value elegantly cool and glamorous look. In addition to the prêt-à-porter garment lines, we willingly create custom made orders keeping our ears open to one‘s individual requirements and making it fit to that only one and unique shape.

The company prides itself on its knitting line as each piece of knitting  is handmade by my grandma using the longlife skills she gained during the years of working in this field. Why handmade knitted garments? To make every day easy and fun! Our accessories are knitted of the highest quality yarns like merino, alpaca wool, cashmere and silk.

About our technology

To obtain the highest quality fur it takes lots of knowledge, effort and experience starting from the farm itself. Next, is fur dressing – we do not dress the pelts by ourselves, we rely on the company we have been working together for years to obtain the best results: flexibility, smoothness, softness, resistance to breaking, keeping  the fresh look for a very long time, resistance to sunshine exposure. All of these are achieved by using innovative technologies. These aspects all together make our chinchilla fur pelts long-lived and valued in the market.

How to identify the highest quality? Firstly, chinchilla pelts must have high rate of contrast between dark grey back and shiny white sides. Secondly, the inner side of our garments have no additional stitches or damages inside under the lining – which indicates that the highest quality fur is used. Our goal is the finest quality garment no matter how much time and effort it takes.

Another very important key aspect is that we use only natural fabrics like silk in lining, natural wool for jackets and vests, and other small, but very important things that come from Italy.

With the greatest dedication and responsibility we develop our business and with our signature we guarantee the durability and quality of our products!

Simona Dainė and the family





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