Blankets handcrafted by FurbySD are made of luxurious genuine chinchilla fur. It is perfect for adding some exceptional style to your bedroom or living room. Whether you are looking for a stylish throw which can be draped over the couch or a full size blanket you can wrap yourself up in. Sublimely luxurious natural chinchilla fur blanket is unimaginably soft to touch, unspeakably light, durable – as made of finest materials and experienced FurbySD tailors hands.

Our philosophy

Combining conscious design with experienced craftsmanship to reach purposeful, unique fur garments for sophisticated & successful people. We are dedicated to creating ethically sourced, luxurious genuine chinchilla fur garments with a touch of modern elegance, sense of style for successful women and men pursueing exceptional, unseen, highest quality, timeless bespoke and ready-to-wear furs.

Our commitment

We are committed to bring transparency of sourcing and producing our garments by cooperating with partners who care about responsible practices, maintain healthy work places and make garments which leave a smaller environmental footprint. These partners include innovative suppliers, fur dressing companies, auction houses, and farms that are connected to highest quality animal welfare.

Our beliefs

We believe that shopping less, choosing well – will make it last. We are proud of our highest quality garments which last for many years ahead or even may become a legacy if looked after well. Furthermore, we focus on creating one-of-a-kind pieces rather than collections, so we do not have any exsess of goods. We also do not produce any waste as even the smallest fur pieces are converted into exceptionally beautiful garments, accessories.