Limited Edition Christmas Gift Box V

Limited Edition Christmas Gift Box V

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-FurbySD genuine chinchilla fur bag charm
-Sustainable MISMACH glass water bottle
-Genuine leather wallet for women
-AHA BOX collection postcard
-AHA BOX magnetic gift box

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  • FurbySD genuine chinchilla fur bag charm:
  • Genuine chinchilla fur
  • Standard fur type (3XDark)
  • Ranched fur
  • Ethically sourced fur
  • Fur originated in Lithuania
  • Premium Crown Quality fur
  • Stainless steel
  • Gold/Silver metal colors
  • Diameter¬†~ 10 cm
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Handmade in Lithuania

  • Mismach glass water bottle:
  • Supporting your sustainable lifestyle, this BPA FREE bottle will noticeably reduce your plastic waste and improve your hydration habits, so you can do good, feel good and look good.

  • Ivory Coast Milk Chocolate by La Roche:
  • Experience the sweetness of Life with chocolate made of cacao beans from Ivory Coast.