Nappa Leather Gloves with Chinchilla Fur Trim

Nappa Leather Gloves with Chinchilla Fur Trim



size (EU)

– Genuine chinchilla fur
– Brown color dyed fur
– Ranched fur
– Ethically sourced fur
– Premium quality fur
– Cashmere lining
– Nappa leather
– Black leather color
– Handmade in Italy
– Certificate of Authenticity

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These timeless, soft nappa leather gloves are created & handmade in Italy by the family who run their business since 1970s. Final steps to finish this gorgeous accessory are made in our mother country Lithuania. The gloves are made of the finest nappa leather, cashmere lining and genuine chinchilla fur. What can be more luxurious than these?
To find out your glove size, measure (in centimeters) around your hand with a tape measure at the widest place of your hand (just below the knuckles). You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.
Size (in letters) Size (in numbers) Around hand (perimetre)
XS 6.5 16.5 cm
S 7 18 cm
M 7.5 19 cm
L 8 20.5 cm
XL 8.5 21.5 cm