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What is this?How it works?

Custom made garment means that it is made according to client‘s personal wishes, sizes, colors, measurements, lining and etc.  All of our fur coats are handcrafted by our talented tailors. “FurbySD” is undividedly committed to its clients when they decide to get a unique creation made exclusively just for them. Creating a fur coat is an experience that demands designer’s taste, personality and elegance.

In order to create a tailor-made fur coat, our client can start with the selection of the model from our campaigns or pictures, then by choosing the type of fur, colors, lining and etc.Based on the information provided by the customer (size, measurements, picture of his/her silhouette), specification of every single detail the customer would like to add, with our advices, the customer takes the final decision of the model which will be created by our team. Our specialist will carefully evaluate the request and contact the client with the details and estimated most optimal price.

The work starts after the customer send completed forms (to [email protected]) of personal measurements and a picture in full height of him/her. We request for the advance payment, 40% of the final sum.

After the creation is made, it is carefully checked and evaluated one more time by our team. We make and send pictures to the customer for his evaluation.  And finally the creation is prepared for the shipping overseas.

*Special/Custom Order is accepted by sending us an email with a request to [email protected]





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