Brand Values


Our garment is not just another piece of clothing - this is the one which will be worn & admired for years! Handmade only from fur which comes from ethical, transparent, and certified production system that prioritises protecting the environment, nurturing communities, and ensuring ethical animal welfare.

Our Message

Natural furs can be repaired, re-modelled and re-used. These characteristics make fur a role model for sustainable fashion.

The Benefits

"Natural fur is a sustainable fashion material which can be absorbed back into nature's own cycle through biodegradation. A renewable resource with outstanding thermal qualities, natural fur also have much less impact on landfills and oceans than synthetic alternatives, which are made from plastics. Synthetic textiles such as polyester still make up the lion's share of the global textile market, and while the production of plastics is a major contributor to greenhouse gasses, the plastic pollution itself has become a major threat to the ecosystem."-

Responsible Shopping

Another advantage of fur - it's life span. When people buy fur they know that it is not for one season. It is quite expensive. Quality garment. They usually get emotionally tied to it, tend to take better care and wear it more often, which can be recognised as sustainable behaviour. Also, people repair their furs or re-model so it is never boring and they can pass it as their heritage. Less is more!

Local Production

Handmade super soft and ultra light fur clothing & accessories, each of which is made by the hands of experienced craftsmen right here in our studio, Lithuania. Our products are unique creations with a touch of modern elegance, sense of style for successful people pursuing highest quality, timeless bespoke and ready-to-wear furs embracing with comfort and warmth.