FurbySD products are handmade with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in the country of Lithuania, Europe. Genuine chinchilla fur pelts used for clothing and accessories making - all come from Lithuania's certified chinchilla farms. While the dressing of the fur pelts is made by the Crown company in Croatia which implements the newest, finest methods available on the market. All other types of genuine fur used in our garments comes only from worldwide fur houses & auctions.



Products purchased from our online store www.furbysd.com We guarantee the highest quality of the fur products purchased at our store. We keep record of all the orders you place. If you are not satisfied with the size of your purchase or there is any other issue you are concerned about, you can turn to our warranty service and we will find the best option.  

Products with available paid check/invoice. When you pay for the product you have chosen at our online fur store, you get the electronic invoice or the invoice added in the parcel with your purchased garment. It’s an important document, so please save it until the end of guarantee period.  

Products properly cared (according to our chinchilla fur care and wearing rules)  

Products that were not repaired by third parties. If the fur products you return to our store have not been repaired by the third parties, they are liable to warranty. Don’t go to the street corner tailor's shop for repairing that is close to your house. Talk to us first, we are here to help you with any problem you may face.  

Products that were not used longer than their warranty period. You have the right to get our long term warranty for two years from the date of purchase. In case of that the fur product purchased from FurbySD needs to be repaired during this guarantee period, contact us via telephone, email or online chat. You will get all necessary instructions on how to deal with the issue.  


Damages from wear and tear. Please note that our guarantee does not cover product damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear of the product you have purchased from our store. What is normal wear and tear? We manufacture every product to meet our superior standards, but no matter how carefully you use and care for your FurbySD products, nothing lasts forever. Eventually every product will begin to show signs of age and we take this into consideration when assessing your warranty request.  

Misuse. If the product purchased at our e-store www.furbysd.com has visual traces of misuse or abuse, this case is also not covered by guarantee services. We can render repairing services at your expense.  

Expired warranty period. The warranty of our fur products begins on the date of the purchase receipt and has a long term of period for two years.  

Unauthorized repairing services. When the fur product is being repaired or modified by unauthorized service organizations, technicians and craftsmen, the buyer loses his/her right for free warranty service.  

Not FurbySD brand items. This warranty does not apply to any items not branded FurbySD.  

The improper maintain and cleaning. When the fur goods has been damaged due to the improper maintain and cleaning, FurbySD doesn’t take any responsibility for the consequences. Keep your fur in good conditions by always taking in mind our fur care instructions if you want to keep your warranty valid.  

The usage of unauthorized accessories. If the product damaged during replacing the accessories from its surface or inside of it, like zippers, press studs, lining, our fur store won’t render the buyer free warranty services as the failure happened from the buyer’s fault. Also, we do not recommend any additional accessories being put on the fur as this may change its appearance.

Natural disaster. Natural disaster is a force majeure the seller can’t prevent. So, when the product has failed from the natural disaster, the store is not obliged to refund or repair it.  


STEP 1: CONTACT US In the event that the fur product purchased from our fur store needs to be repaired during this guarantee period, contact us via email info@furbysd.com or call/write on WhatsApp/Viber apps to this  phone no. +37067988891

STEP 2: SHIPPING THE GOODS TO US After the communication with us and getting an agreement on the service you need, you are can ship the goods. We will give the address for returns after the agreement is made. Customer pays the shipping fees.

STEP 3: REPAIRING AND SENDING BACK We will inspect the item you wish to repair and do everything possible to settle your issue as quickly as possible. After the repairing is done, the fur goods will be sent back to you on our account.    


How long will it take to get my product back? We aim to have your product back to you as quickly as possible. Our typical turn-around time is two weeks from the time we receive your product to the time we ship it back to you. Please keep in mind that fall/winter is our busiest season for warranty and repair service. We promise to keep you updated with more accurate estimates throughout the process.  

How much will it cost to get repairs done? For any repairs covered by our warranty policy there is no charge to you. Non-warranty repair costs will vary, depending on the materials and length of time required. Once we have received and assessed your product, we will contact you regarding repair options and costs (if applicable).  

Who handles shipping costs? Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping items to FurbySD, and FurbySD will cover the return shipping costs for the items having valid warranty. Please ensure that you ship the product using a carrier that can provide you with tracking information and proof of delivery. You are responsible for your product until we sign for its delivery.  

Need help? If you have any questions or need help, you may contact us via email info@furbysd.com or call/write us via WhatsApp/Viber apps to this phone no. +37067988891 we would be happy to assist you.