Shawl With Fox Fur Pockets
Wool Cape With Fox Fur Pockets
Wool Scarf With Fox Fur Pockets
Merino Wool Cape With A Belt And Fur
Merino Wool Cape With Fox Fur
Merino Wool Shawl With Fox Fur Pockets
Marino Wool Stole With Fox Fur Pockets
Grey Large Wool Scarf With Fox Fur Pockets
Large Shawl With Fox Fur Pockets And A Belt
Grey Shawl With Fox Fur Pockets
Two Colour Grey Fox Fur Pockets
Shawl With Fox Fur
Wool Cape In Grey With Fox Fur Pockets
Shawl With Fox Fur Pockets In A Box

Shawl With Fox Fur Pockets

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Our shawl with fox fur pockets for women is the perfect companion for any occasion. This luxurious garment has been handmade using the finest merino wool, providing all the warmth and comfort you need to stay cozy during the colder weather....

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Our shawl with fox fur pockets for women is the perfect companion for any occasion. This luxurious garment has been handmade using the finest merino wool, providing all the warmth and comfort you need to stay cozy during the colder weather. The addition of real fox fur pockets at front makes it even more special, adding an extra element of elegance and luxury to this shawl. A matching belt can be used to tie at the waist, creating a vest-like look for even more styling possibilities. Whether you wear it as a fur shawl, as fur cape or as a fur vest, this stylish piece is sure to elevate your look to the next level!

- Genuine fox fur
- Light & dark grey color fur
- Superior quality fur
- Ethically sourced fur
- SAGA auction house fur
- Light & soft knitting
- Grey yarn color
- 100% merino extrafine wool
- Matching belt
- Fox fur pockets
- Certificate of Authenticity
- Handcrafted in Lithuania, Europe
- Special packaging

- Length without fringes approx. 190cm/74.8in
- Length with fringes approx. 210cm/82.6in
- Fringes length approx. 10cm/3.9in
- Width of the scarf 48cm/18.8in
- Fox fur pocket approx. 25cm x 22 cm / 9.8in x 8.6in

If You would like to purchase a genuine fur garment in a different size, color, another type of lining or exceptional colors of the lining - we can customize it according to your wishes.

We take huge responsibility in each and every genuine fur garment we make. Created with only the highest quality, origin assured pelts, and coloured using natural dyes, each piece is handcrafted and lined in the finest silks or other natural fabrics. We use the finest fur labels on the market, like SAGA auction house, to ensure the best fur consistency in terms of beauty, softness & durability.

We provide luxurious packaging consisting of our FurbySD magnetic box tied with a soft satin ribbon, a garment is wrapped in branded silk paper. Enjoy!

The package is delivered in discreet non-branded outer packaging. The box itself is wrapped in bubble wrap and securely packed in an outer strong fabric to reach you safe and sound.

Specialist/furrier cleaning only.

Please bear in mind that a photo may be slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shoot or the monitor's display.

About Pre-Order
The garment will be made & shipped within 2-4 weeks time. If you have any more questions, please contact us.
Fur Care


FurbySD garments are luxurious, made of top quality genuine, certified fur. Tailored using only high end materials. Given proper care, FurbySD garment will maintain its appeal for years to come and even may become your heritage. To enjoy the long lasting quality, value and beauty,  we suggest the following:

– A fur specialist should inspect and clean your fur clothing at least once a year. The best time to do this is after the cold season when you know that you will not be wearing it for some time. This must be done in order to prevent your fur piece from drying of leather and keeping the fur in a perfect condition.

– Never dry clean or use commercial cleaning products for your fur.

– Remove or cover accessories like belts or buckles before the cleaning.

– Use a broad-shouldered hanger for your genuine fur coat. Furthermore, you must always make sure that the fur coat has enough space in the wardrobe so it will not be compressed by any other clothing. Keep in mind to skip the garment bag – the fur needs to breathe. The bag is only for travelling.

–  If storing a fur coat or an accessory at home, avoid leaving it in a direct sunlight or in a brightly lit area, as the light can cause fading of the fur, oxidise or even change the colour.

–  Keep the garment in a cool ( 10 ºC to 12 ºC) and dark place wihich has 40% – 50% humidity. If you cannot make these conditions try to store your garment at the professional furrier.

–  The place of storage must be very well ventilated to let fur breathe.

–  Genuine fur clothing and accessories need to “breathe”, holding in the right environment it prevents from degeneration. The garment retain its flawless looks. The humidity and temperature is of a special value for the real fur garment, if it is stored in a too dry place it will start to decay as the natural oils start to dry out the skin fats and the garment may begin to break. Placing the fur garment in a warm and humid place, the fur looses its fluffiness and start looking oily and sticky.

–  Make sure that no jewelry is left in your garment, such as brooches and etc.. It might do huge damage for your luxury garment. It may change the color of the fur in the spot where jewelry was left. It may also take some fur out of that place.

–  Do not store your garment in direct sunlight or heat-emitting devices, because the product’s color may change.

–  Never use plastic bags or rubber-lined bags for travelling, as these will prevent air from circulating and the fur from breathing, exception is a vacuum bag. Here the air is taken out – this is the best choice for travelling which not only saves place but also prevents your fur from crushing and changing its hair ways. It will look the same you put it in before.

–  Fur adapts perfectly to snow and rain. If a fur coat gets wet, shake it and hang it on a broad-shouldered hanger to dry in a well-ventilated room. Do not place it near other clothing. It needs more space. Never place it close to hot places such as a radiator, as these will dry out the fur and leather. Do not dry it with a hair dryer – it will damage the fur. The fur needs to dry naturally. After the fur coat is dry, shake it well again. If the fur coat is soaked, take it to a furrier as soon as possible to make sure that it gets proper treatment.

–  Never sit down on your genuine fur coat.

–  Avoid spraying any kind of chemicals like perfume, hairspray, aerosol and etc. on genuine fur clothing or accessories. Those dry the furs, it changes the appearance, the sleekness may fade and also it makes the fur sticky.

–  Wear a light scarf around your neck underneath your fur to protect from makeup and skin oils.